Friday, September 21, 2007

Payroll System Update

I’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from LAUSD employees, parents and community members expressing their frustration with the District’s payroll system. While a switch to a massive new technology system is hardly ever as smooth as one might hope, the issues with our payroll system have persisted for far too long. My colleagues on the Board and I will not be satisfied until every employee is paid on time and accurately. Last week, we approved an agreement with an Atlanta-based company to provide technical assistance and expertise on the District’s payroll system. The District has also retained Hess & Associates, Inc., the firm responsible for the successful implementation of the City of Los Angeles payroll system, to design and develop systems to validate and improve the accuracy of LAUSD’s payroll.

The Board of Education will meet weekly with Superintendent Brewer and his team to keep abreast of the progress toward fixing the payroll system. I will provide updates on these efforts here on my blog. In the meantime, if you have specific concerns about your paycheck, please contact the Payroll Services’ Call Center at 213.241.6670. These lines are answered by live agents from 7am - 5pm and I’m told that the usual wait-time is a minute or less. Additional resources are also available at the Payroll Services Branch website.

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