Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Think Before You Drink

How many teaspoons of sugar did you guess were in one 20 ounce regular soft drink? I have to say when I first looked into limiting sugar filled beverages from our campuses, I was astounded to learn there are a whopping 16 teaspoons of sugar in just one 20 ounce regular soft drink. That's 250 calories, all of them empty and simply devoid of nutrition.

Perhaps this will help put it into perspective. If you were to drink one regular (meaning non-diet) soft drink a day in addition to your regular diet, you could gain upwards of 26 pounds in just one year. And we wonder why we have an obesity epidemic in this country.

This is what lead me to author "The Healthy Beverage Motion" in 2002, which essentially prohibited the sale of sugar filled drinks our students were consuming on a regular basis at school. Now our vending machines are filled with water, 100% fruit juices and Gatorade type beverages (for athletic purposes).

So before you reach for that regular cola or "fruit" flavored drink, remember how much sugar is in there and you might want to "rethink your drink."

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