Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Payroll System Update 2

In response to questions about the LAUSD payroll crisis, Superintendent David L. Brewer III issued a letter to District parents and families last week explaining what steps he and his team are taking to correct the LAUSD's payroll issues. Click here to read the letter.


Anonymous said...

I am a parent at an Elementary school in the S.F.V. I am deeply concerned and disturbed that our children’s teachers are not simply being paid for the job that they are doing. In some initial research I have done I found out the following.

I read the letter dated September 27, 2007 from Superintendent David Brewer III. The letter is intentionally misleading and does not come close to being truthful.

At our school many are affected (Teachers, administrators, office staff, cafeteria workers, etc…) by the payroll crisis and they are not being paid within a 24 hour period.

Most importantly when they do get paid via an emergency check (emergency checks are issued to people who did not receive proper payment) the system perceives that payment as an error and within 5 days the money wired to the teacher is withdrawn. This causes numerous additional issues on top of the fact that the staff member still does not have the money earned.

In the letter it also states that the majority of teachers were overpaid.

1st of all that does not appear to be true

2nd and most important is that there is no mention to the issues that are caused by being overpaid and the effect of following paychecks as a result of overpayment.

There are many other issues including but not limited to:
Deductions not being withheld
Dues not being withheld
Money missing with no trace as where it went
403B problems

I want to know why the Superintendent David Brewer III has issued a letter so misleading. Our teachers are teaching and many are not being paid or not being paid in full causing numerous monetary and stressful situations.

This is being addressed but not quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher that was not paid for two months, yet I was still expected to work. How many other professions do you know of where this occurs? I am certain that if any executive at LAUSD did not receive their paycheck on time, heads would roll.

What is going on at LAUSD is politics as usual. The big shots cut a deal - hard to classify $95M as a deal - for off-the-shelf SAP payroll software, hired a company with an absolutely horrendous track record (Deloitte) to customize the software for LAUSD's needs, and then throw caution to the wind as they release a poorly tested implementation and do not even adequately train their staff to use the new software. The teachers are then left to deal with the mess.

LAUSD's primary concern is not of our children's education, because if it were, they would have taken care of this disaster in a timely manner. This would have allowed teachers to put their full attention to teaching their students rather than constantly worrying about how they are going to pay their bills, whether their next check would be the correct amount, etc..

What is even more horrifying is that UTLA, the very people that are paid to stand up and represent us, are doing absolutely nothing but parroting out bumper sticker slogans and handing out water to us unfortunate teachers that have to sit in line all day at LAUSD to deal with our paycheck issues as if we are waiting in line at Welfare. It's hard not to question where their loyalties lie either. It's no wonder qualified teachers are leaving LAUSD.

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