Friday, August 31, 2007

Assembly & Senate Appropriations Committees pass LAUSD Facilities legislation

The Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees approved AB1014 (Bass) & SB121 (Romero) yesterday during their final official hearings of the year.

AB1014 (Bass) would revise the formula the State uses to allocate funding for construction and modernization of school facilities. The current formula used by the State overcorrects for small decreases in enrollment causing LAUSD to lose eligibility for state matching funds because it is experiencing declining enrollment in some areas of the District. The bill would authorize school districts to use an alternative enrollment projection formula that more accurately reflects the facilities needs of its students.

SB 121 (Romero) would amend current law to eliminate or reduce the requirement that schools districts receiving Operational Grants have at least 40% of their total enrollment on multi-track year-round schedules. To date, LAUSD’s new construction program has completed 67 new schools, allowing many campuses to return to a traditional calendar. If the law is not amended, LAUSD could lose up to $78 million per year once it falls below the 40% requirement.

The passage of these bills is crucial for the completion of the District’s mission of reducing overcrowding, returning all campuses to a traditional calendar, and providing a neighborhood school for all its students.

Both bills will now go to the floor of each House for a vote.

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