Thursday, November 15, 2007

LAUSD Board Unanimously Approves Flagship YMCA Project at University High School

On October 23rd, the Board of Education voted unanimously to execute a joint use-lease agreement and a joint development agreement with the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles.
The agreements will permit the development of a flagship YMCA on the University High School campus for use by the students and surrounding community.

In exchange for a one-dollar-a-year, and more than 60 year lease, the Westside Family YMCA will provide funding for the construction of instructional space to be utilized by University High students. The Westside Family YMCA will also provide programming to promote healthy lifestyles, leadership development and community service, augmenting the academic program of University High.

This project is a win-win for the students of the District, the YMCA, and the University High School community.


jay handal said...

As chair of the West L.A. Neighborhood Council, I have received conflicting information about the deal struck between the Y and LAUSD.
It is urgent that the council receive all of the information as to what stage the deal is in, what agreements have been signed, what is the timeline, and what can the community expect.
I would ask that you contact me directly asap as this may be the best thing for the school, the Y, and the community, but there is a mistrust building and I would like to head it off at the pass if we can.

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